About Your Coach

My story starts in 1998. I am 43 years old. I believe this is the prime of my life, I’m sitting in a doctor’s office with a busted knee. This is the moment that the proverbial chickens – the ones I’d been feeding with drugs, alcohol, and junk food for four decades – come home to roost.
Osteonecrosis, a lifestyle-induced condition, raises the first red flag that the years of abuse I had heaped on my body were about to wreck both my life and my health.

Nevertheless, I am convinced I am invincible, so I ignore my doctor’s advice and help myself to a double serving of everything I should have been avoiding. To my surprise, my wife informs me that I am about to lose her and the children if I don’t straighten out my life. The Osteonecrosis claims both my knees, my hip and my shoulder.

At this point my 50th birthday rolls around. Again, to my surprise, I am in jail for a DUI. The only way to pay my bail is through the generosity and kind heart of a Strip Club owner who happens to be connected with the mob.

Being such a smart, keen witted man, I quickly decided to make a real change. It only took me seven years! Seven years! Like in a very slow and boring action movie, I managed to turn things around in the nick of time. My first achievement that still holds to this day was to not die.
The second was to incorporate as much health, nutrition, and fitness into my lifestyle.

I have two possible clichés in front of me: the grumpy old sick man, sitting around in doctors waiting rooms or the fit energetic old man playing with his grandkids. It was a little too late as some damage cannot be undone. Years of debauchery had taken their toll and left me in pretty bad shape health-wise, but I was determined to do everything I could to reclaim my life.

Thankfully I crossed paths with an incredible Naturopathic Doctor named Robert Galarowicz. Who knew it was possible to not only change my own life, but also to influence the lives of others for the better? Under Dr Rob’s encouragement, I got sober.

I received training and a Health Coach Certification from the Health Coach Institute, certification in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health from The Academy of Natural Health Sciences. I also became a certified Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist through the Functional Aging Institute. 

I didn’t even know it existed but I now realize these are essential vocations!

I have started to wonder how could I channel my lust for life? It’s easy,  influencing other members of my generation.
I know every honest person wants a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. I’m a cautionary tale with a happy ending. My hair is just as grey as yours and my joints creak just as loudly. And don’t get me started on my bathroom breaks! If anyone understands what it feels like to wake up inside a body that’s been around for six decades, it’s me.

Does this sound a little bit too much like you?

If so, it’s time we meet up and have a chat, friend.

Your wake-up call is overdue!


When working with a Health Coach it is important to know that they hold the necessary qualifications. This ensures that they will not only keep you safe but also have the skills to help you with your goals.

Here are the current credentials I hold which will help you better understand my expertise.

  • Certified Health Coach – Health Coach Institute


  • Certificate in Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health – Academy of Natural Health Sciences


  •  Certificate in Adult First Aid/CPR/AED – American Red Cross

  •  Functional Aging Specialist – Functional Aging Institute