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It’s true that as we grow older, life changes. Most likely we retire or start a second career. Our children leave home. Maybe we have grandchildren. We start losing loved ones and the people around us. Our physical and mental health changes, perhaps challenging our independence.

But the key to staying physically and mentally healthy as we grow older is how we handle these changes. 

"I have made it my mission to coach seniors on how to live their best lives at any age."
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Four Areas of focus

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Whole-Food Nutrition is one of the keys to over all well-being. If we take the approach that all food becomes our body, we should really be fostering healthy choices when it comes to what we eat.


Movement is life. If you improve the quality of movement, you improve the quality of life.



Growing old doesn't have to mean loss of indepenance. Through lifestyle education you can maintain or regain vitality over time.


Physical activity, nutrition, and lifestyle all play a role in maintaining a healthy cognition at any age!

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JBIL offers a variety of ways to work together, so that everyone can benefit from the services I offer. 

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Hi! I’m Bill – an old sinner who got scared so straight that I spun 180 degrees and became a Holistic Health Coach. I learned my lessons late in life (almost too late, if I’m honest) but I was still able to make good and turn things around in the nick of time. Now I’m doing everything I can to take a proactive approach to health, nutrition and fitness and I want to help you get there too!

Bill Grant

Holistic Health Coach

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